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Wooden Board



Motek Hardboard is made from exclusive raw materials consisting of pure wood fiber, specifically from CURUPAU. There is a marked difference between Motek Hardboard and those made from wood agglomerates. 
The fabrication process of these other boards utilize wood particles, which are agglomerates themselves, using different types of resin.  In contrast Motek Hardboard is produced starting with wood fibers, bonding them together during the fabrication process using high temperature and pressure. This means that the fibers bond with each other through a physio-chemical reaction, without any resins.

Motek's various advantages such as dimensional stability, resistance to humidity, ease of use and a perfectly smooth surface, provide the material with ideal technical characteristics for it's use accross several industries:  Construction, Furniture, Automotive, Textile, Toys, etc.  Some of the more common uses are: Doors, Kitchen Furniture, Ceilings, Fruit Packaging and Mobile Homes.

Green World
Hardboard Uses

One of the most important aspects of Schwartz Vrena is our commitment to protecting the environment, which is why we do not use any type of adhesives or chemical resins at any time during the production of Motek Hardboard.

Medium density particleboard
Typical Use
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