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Although we specialize in tropical hardwood lumber, you can also get softwoods or temperate hardwoods, rough-cut or dressed, air-dried or kiln- dried, in the quantities, sizes and grade you need, when you need it.

You can have regular supplies of most species delivered to your door at competitive prices. All we need is a clear description of your needs and we will work hard to provide you with a cost effective solution.

All the lumber we supply comes from sustainable, legally harvested and certified by recognized organizations from sovereign countries or third parties like FSC, TFT or others. You are safe from the burdens of the Lacey Act because we make sure our lumber is environmentally sound.

A list of our main species follow, but keep in mind that many others are available upon request. Learn about their technical properties directly from the link to the U.S. Forest Products Lab provided in the Links & Resources page of our site. We can also help you select a new species for specific applications.

Hardwoods Species
  • Sapele - Entandrophragma cylindricum

  • Khaya - Khaya ivorensis or K. anthotheca or K. grandifolia


 Plus many other lesser-known-species.

We also offer lumber and various manufactured products in Elliottii, Radiata and Taeda Pine.

Various Manufactured Products

Tropical Hardwood lumber is offered as air-dried or kiln-dried to required moisture content by clients or users. Kiln-dried lumber is equalized and conditioned in the end of the drying process, thus assuring stability and proper manufacturing properties. The drying process is usually computerized and well controlled to minimize waste or drying defects. Most lumber used to manufacture products for interior uses is kiln-dried to 6-8% MC (flooring, for example) or 15% for exterior applications like decking, siding or exterior structures.

Our lumber is produced in the usual sizes, rough-sawn or dressed, two-sides or all four-sides, ranging as follows:

Thickness: 1” - 1.1/4” - 1.1/2” - 2” - 2.1/2” and 3”. Thicker lumber is available as special orders.

Widths: random widths, 6” and wider, in increments of 1”, sometimes going over 30” wide. In certain grades, up to 10% of 4” and 5” is included. Fixed widths can be supplied without difficulties but command a premium.

Lengths: random lengths, usually 6’ and longer or 8’ and longer, going all the way up to 16’ or 18’ longs, in increments of one foot.

Grades: All our suppliers follow the well-known rules established by NHLA - National Hardwood Lumber Association. Well-trained staff does quality control at the mills and separate the lumber in FAS, Selects or Nr. One Common grades, which is then shipped to customers according to mutual agreement.

FSC Certified lumber is available on a regular basis, also at a premium. As a rule, we only deal with mills that we know for a long time and make sure they follow the regulations for sustainable management and legal origin.


Softwood lumber is readily available primarily from large plantations of Pine species in Southern Brazil, Uruguay or Chile, at very competitive prices. Most of this lumber is used for interior building applications (primarily mouldings), but substantial volumes are used for fencing and other exterior uses.

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