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Malinski Wooden Handles

Malinski Madeiras Ltda has manufactured and exported parallel cylindrical wooden handles for gardening tools, brooms and mops since 1994.

Malinski Madeiras

Rua Romualdo Scur, 242
P.O. Box 129, 89520-000
Curitibanos, SC, Brazil
Phone/Fax: 55-49-3241-0957

Malinski uses Tauari as the main wood to manufacture its handles, being the first company to utilise this species on a large-scale. The Tauari wood has a light color, is firm and straight, of average density and, today, it is consolidated as the substitute for Parana Pine and Ramin Wood. The main market for Tauari handles is North America.

Tauari is a formidable wood; however pine still has a considerable demand in Europe. Nowadays, Malinski has restarted the production of Pine handles including the option with FSC Certification. The pine that Malinski works with has its origin in old trees; which gives solidity and stability to the handlesObserving Malinski's history, one realizes that this company foresaw in advance that the know-how in manufacturing wooden handles was changing. Malinski noticed that the best way to continue in the market was verticalising its production, with the control of each stage of the manufacturing process. This choice was correct and turned Malinski into one of the major wooden handle producers in the world.

Map of Brazil

Brazil retains the privilege of being a large supplier of raw material. Brazil has a big population and lives a special moment due to its economic and political development and stability. Malinski‘s headquarters are located in the state of Santa Catarina, in the pleasant Brazilian south. The company has two other units of production located in the regions that supply raw material.

Malinski Brochure
Wooden Handle Catalog
Malinski Headwuarters

Malinski Madeiras makes handles in quantity and of high quality, and is versatile in terms of available sizes and finishes, so it can easily be deduced that this company will have a continuous evolution. There is a clear determination of understanding and serving the market, in addition to the productive skills and capacity, which reinforces that the satisfaction of its clients will always be Malinski's first priority!

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